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Microsoft Azure Media Services and Power BI
This article focuses on helping developers build an analytics platform on top of Azure Media Services (and Player) to surface out usage trends. The solution space includes usage of an intermediate (WebAPI) service and database, with visualization enabled with Power BI.


Dependency Injection with .NET Core
Essential .NET columnist Mark Michaelis explores the dependency injection (DI) capabilities of .NET Core, and shows why the simple and lightweight implementation provides a great way to for developers new to the technology to get started.


Quick Dev: Developing on a Mac for C# Developers
Technical Evangelist Shahed Chowdhuri and James Quick show you how to develop with C# on a Mac. Walk through Visual Studio Code, game and web app development using ASP.NET, and cross-platform iOS and Android mobile development using Xamarin.


Use Visual Studio Code extensions in your game development
James Quick welcomes Game Evangelist Tobiah Zarlez to the Quick Dev show to demo how you can get started using Visual Studio Code and use extensions for game development in Unity.




Create touch-optimized apps with DevExpress

DevExpress Universal provides a comprehensive collection of UX tools so you can create touch-first apps that are built for today and ready for tomorrow.



New standards version switches in the C++ compiler
Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 introduces tools to help you control the version of the ISO C++ programming language you depend on and the version you want VC++ to enforce in your projects. New switches correspond to versions of C++, starting with /std:c++14 and /std:c++latest.


DevOps basics: Run Docker in production
Now you can run your Docker containers in a production environment. Learn about the new Azure Container Service and how to use it to deploy your containers.


Scale Asynchronous Client-Server Links with Reactive
The observer pattern can be an important tool for asynchronous applications when working with long-running processes. The .NET ObservableCollection and Rx provide two toolsets to handle both simple and sophisticated implementations of that pattern.


The Powerful Machine Learning Behind Bing Predicts
Learn how the Bing Predicts team uses search, social, and other relevant data to make intelligent predictions about upcoming events such as sporting events, reality TV, award shows, and elections.




Add SSH and secure file transfer (SFTP) to your apps

Easily integrate secure shell (SSH) security into your Internet applications. IP*Works! SSH includes components for SSH-enabled client, server, and proxy components supporting strong SSH 2.0 encryption and advanced cryptography. Available for .NET, ActiveX, Xamarin, C++, and more.
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