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Volume 20, Number 12 | May 31, 2016









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Enter the Windows Insider Continuum Competition 2016
With Continuum, apps are optimized for large and small screens. Windows 10 Mobile users can project apps built on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to a second screen for a PC-like experience – and connect a keyboard and mouse for even greater productivity.





Download ASP.NET Core RC2 and try the .NET CLI (Plus, what happened to ASP.NET 5?)
This release succeeds the ASP.NET 5 RC1 release and features a number of updates to enhance compatibility with other .NET frameworks and an improved runtime. A single .NET toolchain can now be used for both .NET Core Console applications and ASP.NET Core applications.


Building a Historical CRUD
Create, Read, Update, Delete operations (CRUD) that were modeled on top of plain relational tables are now evolving into what we can generically refer to as historical CRUD, a CRUD codebase where the implementation manages to track down the entire list of changes.


Updated Web Development Tools for ASP.NET Core RC2
With this release, we’re splitting the delivery of the Visual Studio tools from the ASP.NET Core and .NET Core runtime and libraries. Get Visual Studio support for the .NET CLI, separation of templates for .NET Core and the .NET Framework, and more.


Left Brains for the Right Stuff
“We didn’t know what we couldn’t do. So we just went ahead and did it.” Those are the words David Platt heard repeated during a recent gathering of engineers who worked on the Apollo moon missions.




Integrate imaging into your applications faster

Expedite your development with LEADTOOLS cross-platform SDKs. Add OCR, barcode, forms, PDF, DICOM, PACS, viewers, 150+ formats, image processing, and more.



The Multi-Armed Bandit Problem
James McCaffrey provides an implementation of the multi-armed bandit problem, which is not only interesting in its own right, but also serves as a good introduction to an active area of economics and machine-learning research.


An Introduction to Microservices with Mark Russinovich
Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure CTO and cloud luminary discusses Microservices. Learn how the cloud is driving the evolution of microservices – and how developers can take advantage of these concepts to build and manage highly available applications at scale.

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