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Volume 20, Number 11 | May 16, 2016









Have fun. Earn rewards. Build new ideas.



Submit a Continuum UWP App to the Continuum Competition 2016
You can enter a UI design or an actual UWP app – or both! – and win different prizes for each challenge. Follow the steps at the link to be entered to win a Lumia 950 and a trip to Microsoft corporate headquarters in Redmond, WA.


AppToCert – Earn exam credit for apps you build
Calling all Windows app developers! We know you have real-world experience in building apps, and hard decisions on how to spend your limited time and money for training and certification. So, why not simplify your life and get credit for those apps?




With newly available services, Azure continues to be the best place for SaaS developers
Azure SQL Database elastic pools help you avoid having to make the tradeoff between database isolation and DevOps efficiency. The general availability of Azure CDN from Akamai makes Azure a multi-CDN offering, enabling you to choose the best CDN for your needs, streamlining support and service.


A Journey to DevOps: Publish images in the Docker Hub using Visual Studio Team Services
Learn how to use Visual Studio Team Services and the Linux build agent to automatically build and publish a Vorlon.JS Docker image in the public Docker hub.


Bringing Docker to Windows: Learn more at DockerCon
June 19–21, Seattle, WA
Get hands-on guidance and learn to build, ship, and run distributed apps with Docker by using the tools you know, including Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure. Remaining space is extremely limited – Use code MSDNFlash for your 10% discount while tickets are available.


Build Office 365 Connectors to engage your customers
Connectors enable Office 365 users to stay current with information and updates from products like Twitter, Trello, Wunderlist, and more. Build your own connector in a few easy steps and add your product to the growing catalogue. For more info, visit the developer center.




Create Touch-Optimized Apps with DevExpress

DevExpress Universal provides a comprehensive collection of UX tools so you can create touch-first apps that are built for today and ready for tomorrow.



Get notified of Outlook changes with Microsoft Graph Webhooks
Join Gareth Jones as he talks about the newly released Webhooks on Microsoft Graph. Learn how you can make your app more efficient by subscribing to changes in Outlook data and learning to cut down on your API polling habit.


Windows 10: Managing the App Lifecycle
Watch this course for a look at the lifecycle of a Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform app. The course covers activation and suspension, the implementation of extended splash screens, and events associated with navigation.


Going Solid
Old habits die hard, and old training even harder. Hidden among the lessons of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident was the role that received wisdom from another domain had in the meltdown of the reactor.


Common Tasks for Linux on Azure
Get answers from the experts at Linux Academy. Choose from stand-alone modules based on your specific Linux on Azure interests. Learn about creating a Linux VM in Azure, accessing Linux VMs using remote desktop software, running virtual hosts, and much more.




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