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Volume 20, Number 20 | September 19, 2016








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Beyond //build
September 22, 2016, Edina, MN
This free, one-day event consists of three tracks, giving you the opportunity to take part in sessions covering topics that interest you the most: Next Generation Client Experiences, The Power of Azure, or DevOps.



Speak JSON? Check DocumentDB, a NoSQL JSON database
NoSQL service for highly available, globally distributed apps – take full advantage of SQL and JavaScript over document and key-value data without the hassles of on-premises or virtual machine-based cloud database options.
Watch or read to see if our low-latency, global service is right for you.


Build Asynchronous AJAX-Enabled Web Pages with Reactive Extensions
Leveraging Reactive Extensions and the RxJS-DOM plug-in gives you a flexible, high-level way of integrating client-side DOM events and AJAX requests in a loosely coupled way that enables you to make significant changes to your application without having to restructure all of your code.


Unicode Encoding Conversions with STL Strings and Win32 APIs
Giovanni Dicanio presents C++ techniques for converting Unicode text between UTF-8 and UTF-16, using the Win32 APIs MultiByteToWideChar and WideCharToMultiByte. These Win32 C-interface APIs are wrapped in modern C++ code, using STL string classes to store Unicode text, and exceptions to signal error conditions.


Azure Service Fabric on Linux
This release includes Eclipse and Jenkins support, so you can use the tools you know to build and deploy on Service Fabric on Linux. With .NET Core on Linux and Mac, C# developers can use C# Microservices on Linux, making the Linux ecosystem easier to navigate.




Integrate imaging into your applications faster

Expedite your development with LEADTOOLS Cross-Platform SDKs. Add OCR, barcode, forms, PDF, DICOM, PACS, viewers, 150+ formats, image processing, and more.



Keep your sensitive data ‘Always Encrypted’ with SQL Server 2016
Always Encrypted allows you to encrypt sensitive data inside client applications and never reveal the encryption keys to the Database Engine. Try it on
SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition.


Microsoft Virtual Academy – GitHub for Windows Users
Take a look at GitHub workflows in a browser, find out how to use GitHub Desktop, check out GitHub integrations with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, and learn about Git on the command line. Plus, explore advanced techniques using GitHub.


August Update for the Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension
Keeping with our monthly release cadence and goal to continuously respond to your feedback, the August update introduces debugging your Windows applications using Visual Studio Code, improves your code-formatting experience with clang-format, and adds improvements to auto-complete.


Visual C++ for Linux 1.0.5 Updates
This release has some major performance improvements that feature incremental copy and build, and considerably reduce the number of connections to the remote Linux machine. We’ve made significant improvements in IntelliSense, and added new debugging options.




How to find and fix slow code in your .NET application

Boost your application performance with new ANTS Performance Profiler 9. Find bottlenecks in your .NET code and database queries.
Try it free.



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