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Volume 20, Number 16 | July 25, 2016








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Use the Desktop Bridge to Bring Your Apps to UWP
The Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial) helps you bring your Win32, .NET, Windows Forms, and COM apps to the Universal Windows Platform on Windows 10. Get an overview of the process in this video and learn more about the details at the Windows Dev Center.


Debugging Tips and Tricks for C++ in Visual Studio
Dive deeper into Visual Studio’s world-class debugger with Andrew B. Hall. He provides a link-filled tour with 22 tips to help you find issues faster and get back to coding.


Using Visual C++ Runtime in Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial)
To convert your C++ desktop application, you have to handle deployment of VC++ runtimes, such as vcruntime140.dll, as you always do for C/C++ applications. We have created support for Visual C++ Runtime in this context for versions 12.0 and 14.0 of the VC++ Runtime.


A Better Way to Implement Data Binding in .NET
Data binding can be a powerful approach for developing UIs in the .NET Framework. It makes it easier to separate view logic from business logic, and to test the resulting code. Despite toolkits that aim to help, implementing data binding is typically painful and tedious. Mark Sowul shows you a better way.




Integrate imaging into your applications faster

Expedite your development with LEADTOOLS Cross-Platform SDKs. Add OCR, barcode, forms, PDF, DICOM, PACS, viewers, 150+ formats, image processing, and more.



Leverage CQRS to Create Highly Responsive Systems
Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) is a software design philosophy that separates the code that alters state and the code that just reads state. Peter Vogel reviews how Domain-Driven Design (DDD) integrates with CQRS in a real-world sales system that requires fast response times.


Get started with F# on .NET Core
Get started on .NET Core with this open-source, cross-platform, functional-first language by building a multi-project solution with a class library, a console app, and an xUnit test project.


Learn ASP.NET Core for free in your browser
Dive into the world of ASP.NET Core with this free course from Code School. Learn how to build easy-to-maintain web applications with the MVC design pattern and ASP.NET Core.


New support for any language in Visual Studio Code – the Language Server Protocol
VS Code has support for over 150 languages. Now, anyone can use the open, JSON-based Language Server Protocol to add support for new programming languages.




How to Develop and Deploy Database Migration Scripts

Redgate ReadyRoll auto-generates numerically ordered SQL migration scripts to take your schema from one version to the next effortlessly. Try it free.



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