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Welcome to the July 2016 edition of the monthly Microsoft Imagine Academy newsletter—news and information to help you get the most out of your Imagine Academy membership. Help keep your team informed—please forward this newsletter to educators in your school.

Feature Story

Creative Coding through Games & Apps in Action

Excitement is building around the new Creative Coding with Games & Apps (CCGA) course! See how Tolt Middle School in Washington state is getting their students hooked on coding. Interested in teaching CCGA at your school? You’ll find course materials including online professional development which prepares you to teach CCGA by following the steps below:


Steps to access Creative Coding through Games and Apps

a. From the Member site, click Classroom, then Curriculum downloads

b. Type Creative Coding in the search box to filter results and download the zip file

c.   View Preparing to Teach video


What's New/Program Updates

New Online Learning Courses available

We have an exciting lineup of new courses available for you as part of your Microsoft Imagine Academy membership. These courses are available through the Member site: click Classroom, then Curriculum downloads. New courses are available in the areas of Productivity, Computer Science, and IT Infrastructure (Client, Server, Database, Development, Cloud).



MOS Exams for Office 2016

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications for Office 2016 are now available to you and your students. Here is a summary of the new exams to earn industry recognized credentials

To earn MOS Specialist Certification pass one of the following exams:

  • Exam 725: Word 2016
  • Exam 727: Excel 2016
  • Exam 729: PowerPoint 2016
  • Exam 730: Access 2016
  • Exam 731: Outlook 2016

To earn the MOS Expert Certification pass one of the following exams:

  • Exam 726: Word Expert 2016
  • Exam 728: Excel Expert 2016

To earn the MOS Master Certification choose one of the following three tracks, plus one elective exam:

  • Microsoft Word: Exam 726, Exam 727
  • Microsoft Excel: Exam 728, Exam 725
  • Microsoft Traditional: Exam 726, Exam 728
  • Electives to choose from: Exam 729, Exam 730, Exam 731

Additional details can be found through the Member site: click Student Certification


Benefit Highlights

New MOAC: MTA Cloud Fundamentals

Exam 98-369, “MTA Cloud Fundamentals,” measures students’ ability to accomplish technical tasks like enabling Microsoft cloud services, administering Office 365 and Microsoft Intune, using and configuring Microsoft cloud services, and supporting cloud users. As a Microsoft Imagine Academy program member, you receive free access to the Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) student textbook and instructor materials for this exam.

This title provides everything you need to ensure your students are prepared for more advanced technology courses and certification programs. Students learn about key cloud services and terminology, Microsoft Office 365 and Intune administration, and how to use, configure, or support related Microsoft technologies, including SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive. Instructor materials include setup and lesson guides, slides, and test banks.

Download all the course materials from the Curriculum Downloads page. You also can purchase print textbooks at a significant discount. Download the order form for price and ordering information.



Professional Development Resources: Microsoft Online Learning


Several resources are available to you to utilize for Professional Development and we encourage you to use them during the summer break. Online Learning is a library of multi-media, interactive courses on multiple Microsoft technologies. Resources include videos, simulations, hands-on activities, as well as instructor tracking of student progress. Materials can also be assigned to students for over the summer extra credit.


The courses can be used to build skills in various ways:

  • Flip the classroom: Online Learning courses can be used to provide pre-classroom lectures.
  • Pair with other resources to support visual and hands-on learners: MOAC resources can be used to embed knowledge through exercises, coaching and discussions, or use Imagine Academy curriculum packages to facilitate a blended approach within the classroom.
  • Self-study: Prepare yourself to take the certification exam for the area of study you will be teaching. The materials are very helpful when used in conjunction with MS Press MOS Study Guides.

These courses are available through the Member site: click Classroom, then Online Learning Dashboard.


New Microsoft Press book available for Microsoft OneNote


Use your Microsoft Imagine Academy program member discount for the new Microsoft OneNote Step by Step book from Microsoft Press. Click here to purchase. In the shopping cart, use code IAMEMBER for 40 percent off a print copy or IAEBOOK for 50 percent off an eBook copy. 


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